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What Is Tinnitus? What Causes These Noises?

what is tinnitusHave you been asking what is tinnitus?Or maybe you just want to know what causes tinnitus? Well today I have an guest post that may help you answer the question what is tinnitus!

Check it out our answer to the question What is Tinnitus:

Do you suddenly get up in the middle of the night hearing buzzing in ears? Yes it can definitely be frightening, more so when you cannot find the source. Now consider for a moment that these sounds are coming from within you. Most people would be stunned to know that. Many of us do not even know that our internal organs can make sounds.

Let us try to see whether you actually heard these noises or not, and if you did, where did they come from. Now before anything, let us get this straight – yes, you actually heard those noises. No, they are not a result of a creative mind that imagined things in slumber. But having said that, it is also true that there is indeed no source of the sounds you heard. So what is it? Confused? This is a classic case of tinnitus.

What is tinnitus?

What you experienced last night (or did you just get up from sleep and switch on the computer) is a classic case of tinnitus. This is a medical condition wherein a person hears all kinds of strange clicking, ringing, buzzing, whistling or hissing sounds within the ear. What’s so worrisome about this condition for a lot of people is that, there’s actually no physical source of these sounds. What makes it even worse is that, no one else seems to hear them. Frankly, these people cannot be really blamed. Naturally, if you cannot see where the sound is coming from, and if you keep hearing it, you are bound to get worried.

In tinnitus, the sounds a person hears are actually perceptions. Since there’s no actual source, they are often referred to as “phantom noises”. Will it help you if you knew that about 8% of all people in the US suffer from tinnitus? Perhaps not, but at least now you know that you are not alone who hears these strange noises.

Does Tinnitus Cause These Noises? tinnitus

Of course you will want to know why you are hearing these noises. But even before you find this out, you should know that tinnitus is actually not a disease. It is actually a symptom of a problem that is rooted deep, somewhere within your body.

The tinnitus causes could be a simple one like an infection in the ear, or even simpler, such as ear wax. Just clear the wax and get the infection treated, and the noises could go away. In some people, it could even be the result of a side-effect of a drug they took. Or it could be more complicated.

Some people will have tinnitus because their Cochlea is damaged. And in a few, it could be caused due to hearing loss. But of course, the most common causes of tinnitus is exposure to loud noises. The noise can be a sudden burst, or it could be a constant banging that hits the ear drum and travels inside. If they are abusing their ears by making it a point to stay close to such a racket, they will definitely have to pay a price. What’s this price – it is tinnitus.

Of course, the noises of tinnitus are not heard only during the night. You could hear them during the day too. But it definitely seems to become worse in the night. In a few people, the noises come and go as they please. And there are others who hear them all the time.

So What is Tinnitus and Caring for it Holistically?

It is almost impossible to live with tinnitus and you don’t have to. If you are hearing the noises, whether all the time or intermittently, you must seek treatment immediately. But sadly, conventional treatments only treat the symptoms of tinnitus and may provide temporary relief at best. Sure enough, the sounds are going to come back.

The only way you could ever get rid of your tinnitus for good is by following the holistic approach to healing. By using a multidimensional care for tinnitus, we are tackling all tinnitus causative factors and eliminating these triggering elements from the root. This is the only path for permanent freedom from tinnitus.

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So there you have it a quick guest article that discusses what is tinnitus and hope you have found it helpful?

If you have found solutions to the question What is Tinnitus we would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Ringing in Ears is Driving Me Crazy! Stop!

ringing in ears

Tinnitus or “ringing in ears’’ is a medical problem where you hear sound in one or both ears or in the head when no exterior sound is heard. Even though Tinnitus is referred to as ringing in ears you may actually hear other sounds such as hissing, clicking, chirping etc. The ringing can be constant or only happen every now and again, and can be a faint sound or mind shattering – no matter what it is you will want to find out how to stop the ringing ASAP.

How To Stop Ringing In Ears

To stop ringing in ears there is no medication that you can take to cure tinnitus but that does not mean that you cannot fix the problem, you just have to look a little deeper. A real cure for tinnitus is not far away considering the fact that scientists have found the root cause of ringing in ears. Because tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss, a direct connection is made with hearing loss and nerve activity.

Do You Want To Stop The Ringing In Ears?

If you suffering and want your ears to stop ringing it is best that you book an appointment with your doctor. If detected early enough, the cause of this health issue can be treated. You should then have a hearing assessment done and the doctor/nurse will be able to assess the severity of your condition. Just because there is not an exact cure does not mean that nothing can be done. There are a number of treatments that will help you live with your condition (you probably won’t even notice any problem after such treatments). However, like many things you cannot expect the ringing to stop overnight.

Recommended treatment options to stop ringing in ears include therapy, relaxation, support groups (including online forums), hearing aids and following a healthy diet. These tinnitus treatments will be discussed in further detail below. However if you are serious about wanting to stop ringing in ears make sure you look into all of the treatment options and see which ones are best for you – you will notice a huge difference in the sounds that you hear, where eventually you will not notice the sounds at all due to the techniques.

It sounds quite strange but therapy is really important to control and stop ringing in ears. The patient is assured that the sounds are real and that they are not going nuts. This is really helpful to a person that suffers from tinnitus. Many people become very anxious when suffering from tinnitus, so talking to someone really makes it more bearable because you can learn about the different therapies you can have and how to cope with the condition.

It is beneficial for people that have ringing in ears to join support groups with other people that deal with similar problems because you can help people out by giving advice and they can help you out too. Look in your yellow pages for local stop ringing in ears support groups and join as many online communities as you can as these groups are filled with little gems of information that will be very beneficial to you.

Relaxation techniques are important when you want to find out how to stop ringing in ears because stress is known to be one of the key aggravators of tinnitus.

Many people find meditation and soothing music to be beneficial in stopping tinnitus and ringing in ears.

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Please share how you have stopped the ringing in ears in the comments below! 


I Have Tinnitus What Can I Do?

i have tinnitusTry This If Your Have Tinnitus!

Tinnitus is a condition where you hear a ringing in your ears constantly. I have tinnitus and wanted to share my story with you and let you know that you don’t have to let it destroy your life. I will tell you ways to help manage your tinnitus so that you can go on and live a normal life where you do not notice the constant ringing in the ears. Millions of people suffer from tinnitus and just remember that you are not alone, even many famous people have said `I have tinnitus’. This includes Steve Martin and Eric Clapton, and they have gone on to live normal lives without the fear that tinnitus is going to take over there life.

I realized I have tinnitus, this is what I did:

I first started hearing ringing in the ears about five years ago and realized that I have tinnitus and thought that it was best that I go and check it out. So I booked an appointment with my family doctor and he did an ear examination to see what was going on with my ears and head. The results came back and he told me that I have tinnitus, often referred to as ringing in the ears. He told me that at the time there was no cure for tinnitus but researchers were doing all they can and pulling all their resources together to find a cure. All sorts of thoughts were going through my head, like “I have tinnitus and there is no cure, what am I going to do’’.

Did You Freak Out When You Were Told You Had Tinnitus?

It turns out that I wasn’t the only person to freak out after being told that I have tinnitus. Even though the doctor said that there was no cure for tinnitus he told me that there were ways that I was able to control the condition and lead a normal life. He told me that it was up to me to make sure that my condition was not to get any worse. I was told that I had to start protecting my ears and that I couldn’t subject myself to loud environments unless I was wearing earplugs – how was I to know that all those rock concerts I went to as a youngster would do so much damage.

I was told that by changing my diet I would be able to manage my tinnitus better. I was advised to cut out salt, sugars, alcohol and processed foods. Instead I was to eat real foods that are full of vitamins and minerals such as fruit and vegetables, because this would improve my circulation. I also increased my water intake and found myself drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, sometimes more. I didn’t notice a change overnight with my tinnitus but probably within a month my symptoms had actually improveringing in my earsd, and the ringing in my ears was not so frequent.

I have tinnitus and was against taking any medications for the tinnitus because I had read that some medications such as aspirin and some anti-anxiety meds could actually make the symptoms worse. I went to my local health food shop and picked up some gingko biloba capsules because I was told that they are an effective means of treating tinnitus.

Until a cure is found I have to live with the fact that I have tinnitus, however it is not as bothersome as you might think. After time you learn how to control it and don’t even notice it. I hope my story has helped you feel a little bit better about your tinnitus.

Now I have found a couple of options to remedy tinnitus. You can check them out:

The 3 Healthiest Ways to Cook Your Vegetables

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So when I was told I have tinnitus I kinda freaked out at first, did you?



Will You Overcome Tinnitus? Fact & Remedies

  You Can Overcome Tinnitus! Fact & Remedies

Overcome Tinnitus – Hard Facts and Simple Remedies

Will you overcome tinnitus? Well we know today that millions of people suffer from this ringing in the ears health issues. It is a condition that touches both the young and old alike. In fact, present trends show that more and more young people are starting to develop this health issues.

The first thing overcome tinnitusto note is that tinnitus is NOT a disease. Unlike cancer, cardiovascular disease or even malaria, tinnitus is NOT life threatening.

Tinnitus is a condition that does not seem to have an exact cause. Doctors have not been able to pinpoint exactly what the root cause of tinnitus is. However, they have been able to find out a list of issues that actually exacerbate the problems.

In the bestselling guide, Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman, a list of remedies and possible steps were given to help overcome tinnitus. For example, smoking has been shown to raise the risk of getting and worsening the condition. By quitting or not smoking, that may actually keep it at bay.

It is remedies like these that are absolutely necessary to help sufferers have the chance to overcome tinnitus.

Now the ringing in the ears cannot be cured because the root cause has not been determined yet. However, steps can be taken to make sure you suffer as little as possible. You can overcome tinnitus!

Though this ringing in the ears may not be a disease, it triggers distress to the people who have it.

The Daily Mail (a British tabloid) actually had a joke once that went like this…

“I rang the tinnitus helpline and the phone just kept ringing and ringing.”

Many sufferers found it funny but just as many were upset and were unable to see the lighter side of their condition.

The first step to overcome tinnitus is to not obsess and worry over it. Yes, it is highly annoying, distracting, gets in the way of enjoying life, etc. That’s all true… but getting upset over it DOES NOT help. In fact, stressing out over your tinnitus only worsens the condition and brings more misery.

That is exactly why 2 different people suffering from persistent tinnitus can handle it in remarkably different ways. Half the battle is won by keeping a positive attitude. Then we make the best of what we can and do what we need to do to overcome tinnitus.





Stop the Ringing For Good! Is It Possible?

 Stop the Ringing!

Is it really possible to stop the ringing in my ears for good? Well, Tinnitus is often described as ringing in the ears; often times the sounds heard,are not just confined to ringing.

Many times, this cotinnitusear2ndition causes sufferers to hear hissing, roaring, clicking or buzzing sounds. The sounds can vary in volume and pitch, from low to high and can be heard in one or both ears.

This year, nearly 24 million Americans have suffered from ringing in ears, having lasted 5 minutes or more; On average 1 in 5 Americans are affected by Tinnitus. It is important to remember that Tinnitus is not a disease it is a symptom that there is something wrong in the auditory system. The auditory system includes our ear, auditory nerve connecting the inner  ear to the brain that process sound.

Although, the onset of Tinnitus can come from ear wax there are many medical conditions such as noise-induced hearing loss, sinus infection, brain tumors and thyroid abnormalities. For the elderly, tinnitus is the first sign of hearing loss.

The Common Causes of Ringing in Ears

The most common cause is noise-induced hearing loss. This condition is commonly found in those who worked in environments that are noisy; construction workers, rail yard workers, service members, road crew and musicians and for many, over time the condition can worsen for some, affecting their quality of life, leading some to take it upon themselves to take drastic, fatal decisions.

There are two basic types, subjective and objective. Subjective tinnitus is the most common and is caused by ear problems in your outer or inner ear or the auditory nerve and the auditory pathways. This tinnitus is only heard by you and it can be heard as a low pitch or a high squeal. Objective tinnitus your doctor is able to hear during an examination. This is a rare type of tinnitus and is typical of a blood vessel, an inner ear bone condition or contractions.

tinnitusIn severe cases, it can become worse, having an effect on the sufferer’s quality of life, where the condition finds it difficult for them to sleep, think or hear. During the past few years there are reports of sufferer’s killing themselves as a direct result of this condition.

 A 74 year-old grandfather in the U.K., whose tinnitus was becoming progressively worse, shot himself dead to “stop the screaming in his ears.” A rock music fan, unable to sleep for 3 months after developing tinnitus at a rock concert, stabbed himself to death. For many, treatment sees the ringing go away, while some treatment masks the ringing or hissing sounds, allowing these individuals to lead a normal life.

Today, 1 in 5 Americans suffer from tinnitus and there is a new sensation available that has helped individual overcome their tinnitus. Those who are suffering mild to severe tinnitus, a new treatment is available, a new sensation that has helped sufferer’s overcome their tinnitus forever.

Being able to sleep, concentrate at work and the overall quality of life improving with new treatments that are available can end the suffering and madness and not having to worry about tinnitus again.

Whether the condition is mild, moderate, severe or extreme, treatment options are available to stop the ringing that will allow you to live a normal life, never having to deal with tinnitus again.

Resources to help stop the ringing of tinnitus:

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Have you been able to stop the ringing in your ear?

Go ahead and share with us in the comments area below how you have been able to stop the ringing?

Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus – Will This Therapy Help?

Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus – Here Is What We Found Out

Does hypnotherapy really work? A lot of people will ask this question because there is a great deal of mystery about it. Conventional physicians often scorn at those who practice hypnotherapy, but there are those who vouch about the positives. So whom do you believe?hypnotherapy

Did you know that even the conventional medical science is today looking at hypnotherapy for an answer to various illnesses? Yes, that’s true. Psychiatrists and psychologists are now increasingly turning to hypnotherapy to reach into the mind of the patient. They are beginning to believe that since the mind can control the body, it can be retrained to heal a condition. If nothing else, the mind can be trained to stay positive, and a positive attitude often helps in treatment.

 Can Hypnotherapy  For Tinnitus Help?

Hypnotherapy can actually work very well for tinnitus. This is because some of the noises a person hears can actually be no noises at all. They are just phantom sounds. It is actually the perception of hearing them that bothers the person – there’s absolutely no physical source of these noises. So hypnotherapy can work by retraining the mind to ensure that the person stops hearing them. The results could be amazing really. It has been reported that as many as 50% to 76% of all tinnitus sufferers can get relief after just a few hypnotherapy sessions. In some people, the noises go away completely, and in others, the volume goes down considerably.

The Problem with Hypnotherapy Is the Myth about It

In reality, most people do not understand hypnotherapy, and how it works. And they are often misguided by the hypnosis sessions that are shown on television. Here the therapist will put a person to sleep and order him/her to do all kinds of funny things. Of course no one wants to be completely vulnerable to the whims of the therapist, and thus, hypnotherapy has never really become a main-stream cure.

What Really Happens In a Hypnosis Session?

A real life hypnosis session is much different than what is shown on television. Here the therapist will first put the person to a completely relaxed state. Once this is achieved, the therapist chooses from several cures such as regression therapy, ego state therapy and suggestive therapy. A single session might not give you the results, but take a few of them, and you can certainly notice a difference.

Hypnotherapy enhances self-consciousness, and this lets the person concentrate better. This is known as the alpha state. When the person is able to achieve this, he/she can recall the memory and retrain the brain to break the memory loop of sound that causes the tinnitus sounds.

Never underestimate the power of your brain. It has the ability to block off most of the things we see or hear everyday. If the brain couldn’t do this, then we would have to evaluate or analyze everything we see and hear. But that’s not what happens. This is because the brain prioritizes things and lets us get on with our daily lives.

Especially when tinnitus is not directly related to a risky physical health condition, using the correct manipulation, hypnotherapy can decrease our awareness to the sounds of tinnitus.

Moreover, hypnotherapy can significantly contribute to relaxation and distress the patient and there are some manifestations of tinnitus that are almost directly related to a prolong smemorytate of anxiety and stress or are intensified by it.

Hypnotherapy can provide some relief from tinnitus. It can reduce or temporarily make the sounds go. But remember, the sound is just a symptom. It is best that you try to cure the root causes, instead of turning to symptomatic treatments such as hypnotherapy.

The only way you could ever get rid of your tinnitus for good is by following the holistic approach to healing. By using a multidimensional treatment for tinnitus, we are tackling all tinnitus causative factors and eliminating these triggering elements from the root. This is the only path for permanent freedom from tinnitus.

Meditation made easy?

So many people struggle to meditate effectively.  There is the constant mental chatter that just won’t stop, the inability to stay focused on a mantra for more than a couple of minutes, physical agitation, and interruptions from your own thoughts as you suddenly realize items from your to-do list were not accomplished!  Then if you manage to have one good session, the intense effort that went into making it happen is not always easy to replicate.

We at MP3 Meditation Club have been there too.  But the good news is that specially-designed brainwave entrainment recordings can help silence the mental interruptions and activate the parts of your brain required to get down to deep, effective, and enjoyable meditative states.

Share with us if you have given Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus a try in the comments?


Natural Cures for Tinnitus Are Available Here!

What Natural Cures for Tinnitus Are Available?

Are there natural cures for tinnitus? Well many people that suffer from tinnitus often turn to medications in order to help them treat their condition. The problem with drug treatment for tinnitus is that some drugs are actually a detriment to tinnitus and make your symptoms worse. There is much evidence to suggest that you should avoid certain medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, antibiotics, antidepressants and some antiviral drugs. Instead you should opt for a natural cures for tinnitus and this includes following a nutritious diet, exercising regularly and eating well.

Diet is very iNatural Cures for Tinnitusmportant and probably the best natural cure for tinnitus. We all find it difficult to eat well all the time, but if you do suffer from any health condition you need to make sure that you are eating well so that you have a healthy immune system and you can fight diseases well.

It is advised that people who suffer from tinnitus should avoid products that contain excess saturated fats, salts, sugars and should avoid processed foods as well. You should be increasing your intake of water as that improves circulation and gets rid of toxins. You should also be eating real foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Organic fruits and vegetables are a good source of these essential vitamins and minerals.

Another important natural cure for tinnitus is exercise because it increases your blood circulation and increased blood circulation is what stops the ringing in your ear. For best results you should try and do about 30 minutes of light exercise a day in order to improve your circulation. Many people find after following through with an exercise program for about 3 weeks they notice a real difference with the volume and ringing it the ear – it is reduced dramatically.

We would not advice you to do strenuous exercise as strenuous exercise is said to cause pulsatile tinnitus in some people. Light exercise includes such things as tennis, cycling and walking. Mix your exercise up a little as well so that you can enjoy doing them otherwise you will probably give up and this is not wise if you suffer from tinnitus and want to stop the ringing in your ears.

One of the natural cures for tinnitus that is most often forgotten about is sleep. Stress is actually one of the key triggers of tinnitus and if you are stressed out the symptoms of your tinnitus will actually get worse. One of the best ways to stay stress free is to have quality sleeping patterns. Make sure that you sleep for the recommended 8 hours a night.

If you do find it difficult to go to sleep because of your tinnitus, another natural cure for tinnitus is listening to music. Turn your favourite CD on to a low volume and listen to it while you are trying to get to sleep. If you focus on the external sounds rather than the internal sounds you will find it much easier to go to sleep.

People May Prefer Natural Cures for Tinnitus

Many people prefer natural cures for tinnitus to any medicine that science came up with, but it is often difficult to find a natural treatment that actually works. This article has shown you how you can make small changes to your lifestyle and have a natural cure your tinnitus. This is general knowledge however – the drug companies never tell you this. Try eating, sleeping and exercising well – you will be sure to notice a difference with the ringing in your ears – it may even stop.

Our Natural Cures For Tinnitus Resources:natural cures for tinnitus

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Sleep improver Isochronic Tone – Sleep is a one of the primary necessities of life. It plays a major role in how we feel and perform the following day. Improper sleep can have a major impact on the overall quality of life. Sleep improver audio recording uses acoustic brainwave activation technique to induce sleep state. The recoding triggers deep relaxation and sleep to prepare you for the challenges of a new day.

Share your natural cures for tinnitus with us in the comments area below.

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How To Get Rid Of Tinnitus

How To Get Rid Of TinnitusHow To Get Rid Of Tinnitus

Is there a way to learn how to get rid of tinnitus? Well despite the fact that millions of dollars is spent every year finding a cure for tinnitus, there is still no concrete cure. If you suffer from tinnitus and are frustrated with the fact that you have to accept that you will have to live with the noises in your ear for the rest of your natural life then think again. I know what it feels like to suffer from tinnitus so I have provided you with this article – how to get rid of tinnitus. I will show you step by step what you have to do to get rid of your tinnitus once and for all.

How to get rid of tinnitus

To begin with you have to be optimistic and look at the bright side of things. Even though there is no cure for the condition just yet there are a number of things that you can do to make your experience more pleasant.

There are many different things you can do but here are some of the best things to fix the problem. If the noise frustrates you too much during the day you should turn on other house products such as a fan or the television so that you can focus your attention on the sounds they make rather than the noises in your ear. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, some people find it helpful to tune your radio into white noise, but if it is too difficult to find that frequency you can buy specially developed white noise CD’s.

If you want to find out how to get rid of tinnitus you need to makes sure that you have a healthy mind, body and spirit – this is important if you want to stop ringing in ears. To begin with follow a healthy eating plan where you reduce your consumption of saturated fats, sugars and salt, and increase your consumption of foods high in essential vitamins and minerals.

Exercise is also noted as being a great way to get rid of tinnitus – exercise is effective because it increases the blood circulation in your body. For best results do at least 30 minutes of light exercise every day. Having a clear mind is also important too when you want to find out how to get rid of tinnitus. Try and relax by doing some yoga and meditation when you can. To have a clear mind and body you need to make sure you sleep well at night. Sleeping for the recommended 8 hours a night has also proved effective in helping people get rid of tinnitus.

Therapy is regarded as another of the best how to get rid of tinnitus treatments available. It is really important that you talk to someone about your tinnitus because people often feel as if they are crazy because they hear voices in their head and become withdrawn from society. There has been a connection made between tinnitus and depression so it is important that you talk to someone about your feelings. Some people do not like talking to therapists and in these instances support groups and online forums have also proved effective too.

Help for Tinnitus? Fear Not There Is Help For Tinnitus!

Help for Tinnitus Fear Not There Is Help For Tinnitus!

Do you suffer from tinnitus and are at your wits end because the condition is taking over your life? Fear not there is help for tinnitus sufferers, you just need to know where to look to find this information and get the help that you need.

To begin with, every web savvy individual like yourself knows that you can find the most relevant up to date information on the Internet. You should sign up for all the newsletters and forums that you can. By doing this you will be receiving first hand information about tinnitus, cures for tinnitus, natural remedies as well as many other things – you are only limited by how much time you have to read all of the information. If there was one website that I would recommend you visit it would be the American Tinnitus Association website (www.ata.org). I think the best feature of this website is the resource section where you can find lots of information on support groups, finding a health professional as well as the questions you should ask a health professional.

Support from your friends and family is a great help for tinnitus sufferers.

If you have a good support group you will find your experience so much easier to handle. Having someone to talk to about your fears and worries will be a real weight off your shoulders. However, if you don’t have somebody to talk to about your condition in your close circle don’t worry too much because therapists are known to be a great help for tinnitus sufferers. The thing is you don’t have to stay with the first therapist you see, you should see the therapist that you feel most comfortable with and that may take four or five goes until you find one that you are comfortable discussing your condition and feelings with.

Reading material is a great help for tinnitus sufferers. Read as much as you can about tinnitus and other ear problems because it is then that you will understand your condition more and start to feel better. There is a lot of information out there you just need to look – pick up brochures from your health clinic, read the health section of the newspaper and online magazines, frequent your local library for books and read journals about tinnitus.

You have probably heard the saying “it’s up to you to help yourself’’, so if you want help for tinnitus you need to put in the hard yards yourself. Be positive about your condition and the fact that you will be able to manage it. Take advice from people and apply it to your current situation. It can’t do you any harm right? It is a fact that many people that experience tinnitus become very down in the dumps because there is currently no cure for tinnitus. If you spend too much time concerned about a cure you will not get anywhere. Instead focus on how you can manage it i.e. with masking devices, positive thinking and white noise.

There is help for tinnitus you just have to work hard and decide what sort of help you would like. There are a number of different avenues that you can go down. These include talk therapy, support groups, online forums, social support, reading material and yourself. All of these methods do work you just need to see which ones suit you best.

Our resources to help for tinnitus:

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What have you found as the best help for tinnitus? Go ahead and share your best suggestions for help for tinnitus below!

Stop Tinnitus – Is is really possible?

stop tinnitusStop Tinnitus – Is is really possible?

Can you really stop tinnitus? Well millions of people suffer from constant ringing in the ear, a condition medically referred to as tinnitus. It’s not only ringing noises that you hear but also other noises such as clicking, beeping, buzzing and clapping. Tinnitus can be classified into two forms: subjective and objective, and there are different treatment methods for stopping tinnitus under these different classifications. This article gives you up to date information on the best ways, whether it be subjective or objective.

Subjective tinnitus is ringing in the ear that only you can hear. Many people that suffer from this type of tinnitus feel as if they are going crazy because they are hearing noises inside their head – just because nobody else can hear it doesn’t mean that it is not real. This is actually the most common type of tinnitus with most people said to suffer from this condition. The problem is that it is very difficult in stopping tinnitus if you suffer from subjective tinnitus because it is difficult to find the exact cause. Most of the time it is caused by problems with you inner, outer or middle ear and is often accompanied by some form of hearing loss.

To stop tinnitus there are a number of things that you can do that have proven effective for many people. To begin with, talk therapy has proved really helpful because a therapist will help you understand ways that you can minimize the effect that tinnitus has on your life and teach you a number of different methods to refocus your brain so that you focus on other things. Many people find that distractions are a good way to stop tinnitus – such as turning on a fan or the radio down very low, as these can distract you from the noises that you are hearing in your ears.

People that are more optimistic are usually able to halt their tinnitus because they see the picture and do everything that they can to stop the ringing. It’s more likely that pessimistic people will find it difficult because they are very much “woe is me’’. If you can’t distract yourself from hearing the noises we suggest that you invest in a tinnitus-masking device. You can pick these up from you local hearing clinic or online and they are really great if you want to stop tinnitus.

The other classification of tinnitus is objective tinnitus, and this is where others can hear the sounds in your ear and head. This is a very rare type of tinnitus where only 3% of the people that experience tinnitus experience this type. Not only is it rare but it is also a very dangerous type to have. You can actually stop it if you suffer from objective tinnitus because it is usually caused by a blood vessel problem or something that can be fixed.

If you do suffer from this rare form of tinnitus it is important to take care of your tinnitus because it can lead to life-threatening health problems such as hypertension and strokes. Book an appointment with your doctor today to clarify whether you have objective tinnitus and stop tinnitus for good.

Your ability to stop tinnitus really depends on what type of tinnitus you have. To begin with you need to get a proper diagnosis so that your doctor can determine what type of tinnitus you suffer from and how best to treat it.

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